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Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.


And today in innovative cocktail contraptions:

Morskoiboy created this amazing typewriter that will let you actually taste your words and mix cocktails simply typing their name…
Neutral liquids are attached at the top,(alcohol, milk or water) while tubes at the back are attached to different colored liquids, whether it is “G”- grape, “O” orange, “J” – Jagermeister, etc.

Basically, you type a word and it pulls the fluid from the attached bottles on the side and throws it in the cup. So you could type “Chocotaco” and get some delicious concoction of booze… Or it could taste like ass. I guess it would depend on what letters are attached to what bottles.
(Edit: Although, I guess the bottles on the sides are used for coloring, but why wouldn’t you put additional flavor/booze stuff in those instead?! That doesn’t make any sense.)

Check the video below (or here, if you’re viewing from the dash).

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